Illustration on a man using voice search on a phone
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Digital Marketing: The Exciting World of Voice Search

Digital marketing has always been an ever-evolving and fast-paced industry, one where new technological innovations are being
website cookies
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What are cookies and how do they affect me?

Almost all of us have heard of cookies, but it can be difficult to understand exactly what they are, and aren't. Below is a s
ssl certificate website securty
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HTTPS and SSL Certificates

In the past SSL Certificates were almost exclusively used for eCommerce stores. These days having an SSL certificate installe
ssl certificate lock
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Google Warning Websites to Use SSL

Experts have been warning for some time now that Google is aggressively encouraging website owners to transition to using SSL
http to https ssl certificate
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Websites Beware - Google is blacklisting HTTP

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and is the old and not secure version in which information and data is shared whi

How to get your SEO up and racing!

It can often feel like a fight to the finish line when it comes to competing for traffic to your website which is why you nee
fun thing with Google

6 things to type into Google because you can

We all know that the team at Google has a pretty awesome sense of humour and we've found six things you type into your Google

5 Facts about Google you probably didn't know

Most of the western world has heard of Google, but here's some interesting facts you may not know about the Search Engine gia
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Why research is essential to your business

There's a saying from the very clever Albert Einstein "If you stop learning you start dying." This saying could not be more t
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Why you have to get your Google AdWords right!

As we've previously discussed, there's a lot more to setting up an AdWords campaign than meets the eye! Google is a tricky be
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Why spelling mistakes are bad for business

There is nothing more off-putting than reading through the first line of a blog article, email newsletter or even a website a
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D-Day is coming if your website is not mobile friendly

It's official. Google has announced the cut-off date for getting your website mobile friendly is the 21st of April. After thi
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How can your marketing get lucky?

In tribute to St Patrick's Day we thought we would take a look at some very simple tricks of the trade that can help you get
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To blog or not to blog, that is the question

Words, words, words. Words are everywhere. Words are communication. Words are important and words are becoming increasingly i
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There's a storm of analytics coming at you!

"Our website is performing really well." "We have received heaps of enquiries from our Adwords campaign." These little pats o

Your Map to Middle Earth

It's reassuring to know that even Google can have a bit of a giggle every now and then. Recently a new location Google Maps M
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Why your website has to be mobile

There is nothing more frustrating than surfing the internet on your phone or iPad and coming across a website that has bits o
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Why doesn't Google like me?

It's a question many business owners ask themselves over and over again "Why doesn't Google like my website?" It's a problem
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Ring! Ring! It's Google Calling.

The mega-power of Google just keeps getting bigger.  In another effort to outshine it's Search Engine competitors, Google ha
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Head in the Clouds - Computing

There are several contexts in which the word 'cloud' can be used: Meteorology:  a visible mass of condensed watery vapour f
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Don't Miss a Golden Marketing Opportunity

Anyone who knows anyone on the Gold Coast and follows them on social media, would've have undoubtedly seen a common theme occ
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State Vs State

Tonight we see the first of the Queensland versus New South Wales State of Origin games for 2014 and it got us thinking in th
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That Sounds Familiar?

Ever catch yourself reading an article or blog on-line and thinking to yourself  'This sounds really familiar?' Chances are,
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The life and times of your Google AdWords

Wahoo! You’ve typed your details in, completed all of your content research on how to word your AdWord, plugged your busine