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Product Package Design

Packaging Tailored
to Your Audience


We design packaging and labels that distinguish themselves from their competitors and grab the attention of your customers.

Custom Made &
Effective Packaging.

Creative and outstanding package design that is tailored to your target audience facilitates increased sales time and time again. If you want your product to stand out, not only on the shelves but also in your marketing, you need a package design that distinguishes itself from its competitors and grabs the attention of your customers.

With plenty of specialist packaging manufacturers in Brisbane and Gold Coast we are spoilt for choice when it comes to economical and locally produced packaging. If you would like standard or custom designed packaging, allow us to assist in sourcing the right product for you and creating the right design for your target audience.

We’ve Got You Covered

Shared Marketing has extensive experience in package design, from initial concept and marketing analysis to design and facilitation of production, we can ensure your packaging is both eye-catching and suited to the market.

Our Team:

  • Can provide target audience testing
  • Can provide competitive marketing analysis to ensure your product will stand out from the crowd
  • Will design to any printer’s specification and can source printers who cater to particular package styles.
  • Have experience working with offshore packaging companies
  • Are proficient in advanced packaging embellishments and techniques such as embossing & debossing, foiling, type setting, di-cuts, perforation, UV coating and window patching.

Whether you have existing branding and a design idea in mind or require consultation to decide what is best for your product please contact us or fill out our free quote form.

1. Market Analysis.

We research your target audience and what products they are already purchasing. This helps us determine your Point of Difference, or POD, so we can make your product packaging stand out amongst your competitors.

2. Audience Testing.

Once  we’ve pinpointed who your target audience is, we can conduct tests with package design elements based on our market research. Results from testing help us ensure your packaging design is successful.

3. Design to Specification.

No matter what style you want or where you want to print it. Our designers can produce custom and assembly ready designs to any printer/manufacturer’s specifications. The sky is the limit.

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