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Video & Animation Production

Engage, Inform & Promote


We create video productions and animations that inform, instruct or showcase your message in an enjoyable and engaging format.

Marketing That Doesn’t
Feel like Marketing.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing” said Tom Fishburne, and we agree! The most effective forms of marketing are those where the audience is engaged and ultimately enjoys the experience of the marketing material.

It has become a well known fact that videos, both animated or real footage, can be very beneficial to growing your business. Videos and animations can serve a wide variety of purposes, which makes them useful across virtually all industries.

Videos can be promotional – illustrating the services and products that you provide, instructional – teaching your visitor how to complete a task through step by step process, or even trust building – encouraging your visitor to trust your service by having them see and hear testimonials from real customers.

We can help you to determine the message you wish to convey, create consistency with your brand, present it in an engaging manner and promote it to reach as many of your potential clients as possible.

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“More than 150 million people view videos online every year, most of them ripe to hear your business’ pitch if you produce and market your video effectively” – Vern Marker

Take a Peek at Our Work.

A small selection of four very different video styles below.

First Aid Accident & Emergency

PGT-Reclaimed Australia

Business Exit Professionals

Waitplate product how to video

The Waitplate System

Broadwater Campers

The Waitplate System – Animated Infographic

Runaway Bay Marina

Paradise Playboyz

Did you Know?

1. Videos Help SEO.

Videos can improve your website’s search ranking as videos are considered quality content, and quality content is considered more valuable to searchers than keyword optimisation by search engines like Google. Research conducted in a study by aimClear suggests that search results that include a video are up to 41% more likely to be clicked than results with plaint text.

2. Videos Clarify Your Services.

Different people interpret what they read in different ways. ‘Explainer videos’ remove the guess work that can be present with text content and they will likely have a better understanding of your product or service once they see and hear someone explain it.

3. Videos Generate Interest.

Videos are a great asset to keep your brand in the mind of both potential and existing customers as they are often more memorable. Audio and visual stimulation stick in the mind longer than written text and is much easier to share on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, extending your reach past the initial viewer and onto their friends and family.

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