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Brand Schema

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Think of your brand as a schema of attributes in the mind of consumers. Knowing how your brand is perceived is an invaluable tool for your marketing plan.

What do your
Consumers Think?

So, when someone sees your brand name or logo, an array of thoughts that link together come to mind. The same happens when you think of a product or service. What comes to mind when I say fast food? What do you think of? How many brand names came to mind? Did you think of your favourite first? So, you can see that it is important to know what this schema is and how to manage it. Also, and most importantly, there may be attributes that are negative and harming your brand’s value or equity.

So, your brand makes a series of promises that hopefully include a promise of quality as well as other attributes that differentiate it and set it apart from the rest. Also, and importantly, your brand can be used to let consumers tell others who they are. This may sound strange but research has shown that consumers wear brand names to help to convey to others the type of person they are. Someone who wears Burberry is sending very different signals to a person wearing Gap or even Tommy Hilfiger. Why? Because each brand has a carefully developed a schema that differentiates them in the marketplace and sends a whole series of messages that makes up a complete story.

So, both tangible and intangible attributes come in to play and this is where imagery plays an important role.

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