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Send creative, engaging and targetted email newsletters direct to your customers. Better communication equals greater revenue.

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Emails are now just as accessible as mobile phones which is why businesses still choose to reach their customers through email campaigns as a way of communicating promotions, new products, competitions and the latest news.

The main advantages of email campaigns include:

  • Ability to easily update information
  • Keeping customers updated with latest news
  • Promoting sales or competitions
  • Introducing customers to new products/services

What needs to be considered when creating an email campaign is the sheer volume of emails people are receiving. This puts the pressure on creating content and a design which will engage your clients and encourage them to open your email.

Our team can work with you to ensure your email campaign is professional, structured, well-designed and most importantly fulfills its purpose. And of course, that the email actually displays correctly and has links that actually work!

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emil marketing campaigns

1. Cost and Time Effective.

Email campaigns require no physical production materials so you don’t need to worry about print costs, material limitations, postal service fees or delivery times.

2. Interactive Designs.

Email advertising allows for a more interactive experience than traditional print media as they can include elements like personalised subjects, animations and links to your website.

3. Real Time Tracking.

Email campaigns can be tracked in real time to see which subscribers opened the campaign, clicked through to your website, made purchases and more!

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