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Pay Per Click Advertising & Adwords Campaigns

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Shared Marketing can lower your pay per click spend, while increasing your results through the use of a professional tailored campaign strategy and consistent results monitoring.

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What is a Pay Per Click Campaign?

A Pay Per Click (or PPC) Campaign is a form of digital marketing that involves the use of search engine ads to encourage ‘clicks’ to your website. You will likely have seen these ads before at the very top of a search engine results page where the results have a label such as “sponsored’ or “ad” – these are pay per click advertisements. The largest PPC advertising platforms are Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

How it works

Each time your advertisement is clicked, leading a visitor to your website, you are charged a small fee to that search engine – hence “pay per click”. Now, if your campaign is well planned with market research and a target audience in mind, your campaign fees will be pretty minor in comparison to the worth that visit has to your business. For example: if you spend 5$ for one click, but that one click results in a $200 sale, then this marketing method is certainly worth the effort and cost.

What we do for you

At Shared Marketing, we take care of the aforementioned effort and planning that is vital in creating an efficient and effective PPC campaign. Our team of digital marketers will take the time to get to know your business in order to determine where it fits in the marketplace and who your ideal customers are – the ones who are most likely to use your services or products. Using the data we collect we will create your personalised campaign strategy to ensure you get the best rate of return for each click you pay for. Not only will we get your campaign up and running, will continually monitor and analyse the results of your campaign in order to make beneficial adjustments and keep you informed at every step.

Because we take care of all the hard work, you can focus on running your business and catering to your now growing customer base.

targeted customers

1. Good for Customers.

Statistics have shown that searchers click on advertised search results more often than any other form of digital advertising. This is because the paid ads in search results are often highly relevant to the wording that the searcher has used and thus more likely to fit their needs. Basically, if you provide the right ad to the right audience then they won’t mind being advertised to.

2. Good for Search Engines.

PPC benefits Search Engines by allowing them to cater to both you, the advertiser, and the searcher at the same time. The searchers provide the engine with a user-base that will return if they find what they need and the advertiser provides the engine with relevant content and revenue. Search engines such as Google want to help you connect with potential customers because it benefits everyone.

3. Good for You.

PPC is a valuable marketing method, it provides a way to put your message in front of an audience who are actively searching for your specific service. This is due to potential customers revealing what they want through their search terms (aka ‘keywords’) allowing you, the advertiser, to connect with higher amounts of quality website traffic. Quality traffic is defined by those who are are likely to purchase your product or services.

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