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Tips For a Successful
Online Store

| 18th May 2020

With COVID-19 restrictions starting to ease here in Australia, many retailers are slowly opening their doors again. Before the pandemic, online shopping was already going from strength to strength and now eCommerce is bigger than ever.

If you’re wanting to take your products online or you’re already there and just looking for ways to improve—read below as we reveal our top tips for a successful online store.


Your online store must look professional with an engaging web design. Users won’t want to stay on your page and ultimately give you their money if your site’s design is lousy and not visually appealing.

You could be selling the most innovating and niche products on the market, but if your site doesn’t look the part, it doesn’t even matter. This includes everything from the layout of your website to the quality of the photos used.


You must ensure your online store is SEO friendly. There is no point putting all your time and effort into creating your store if no one will be able to find it. Add keywords to product titles and descriptions, ensure your site is mobile responsive and pay attention to the user experience of your site. There is a range of SEO tools out there that can assist you in finding the best keywords to target.


Social Media

Start working on your social media presence to get the word out there about your online store. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and social media is the best way to harness it these days. Social media advertising is another tactic you should consider to ensure your online store is on the radar of your target market.

Payment Options

Make sure your online store accepts all the popular payment options. Keep in mind that some users still don’t feel comfortable punching in their credit card details and will only shop where PayPal is accepted. There are also many ‘buy now, pay later’ options that online shoppers have grown to love including Afterpay and Zip Pay, so it could be a good idea to offer these payment options too.


These days, the majority of online shoppers have almost come to expect they will receive free shipping. So if possible, it’s a wise idea to offer incentives such as “spend $100 and receive free delivery.” You might be surprised by the lengths some people will go to save on shipping costs.

Product Reviews

Online reviews can be a very powerful tool. This is why it’s a good idea that you encourage users to leave a product review after they receive their purchase. Reviews and ratings are a great way to show you’re legit, trustworthy and that your products are of a high quality.

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Online Support

Clearly provide your customers with online support throughout the entirety of their shopping experience. A live chat box is a great idea that many online retailers have started using. Otherwise, you could have a support phone line or email displayed on all pages so that the customer knows they have support available whilst shopping and after their purchase has been made.

Is it time for your store to go online?

If you’ve decided it’s time to take the leap to an online store, you’ve made a wise choice—it looks like online shopping is only going to continue to get bigger and better than ever before. To learn more about setting up your eCommerce store, get in touch with the team of experts at Shared Marketing today.

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