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How to tell it’s time to update your website

| 21st May 2020

These days, websites have become a necessity for businesses in almost all industries. If you’ve had the same website for a while, there will likely be a few aspects that are now out of date. Have a read below as we break down some of the telltale signs that your website is due for a refresh.

Outdated Design

Website trends come and go pretty quickly. If you’ve stuck with the same design for a few years now, it’s quite possible it’s now looking a little outdated. The overall look and feel of a website play a much more critical role than you might think. If a user comes to your site only to discover it’s old fashioned or not visually appealing, they’re probably going to leave. Your website is often the first encounter a potential customer has with your business, so it’s crucial that you make a good first impression.

Not Optimised for Google

When someone wants something these days, they’ll usually just Google it. If you don’t show up in their search results, you’re probably going to miss out. This is why it’s critical that you put time and effort into ensuring you have a clear SEO plan in place so that your website is optimised for Google and other search engines. There isn’t much point having a fancy new website if no one can find it!

Not User-Friendly

Visitors to your website want to be able to easily navigate their way around and find what they need quickly. People don’t want to work too hard to find what they need, this is why your website must be as user-friendly as possible. Poor navigation is a common reason for many users leaving a website, so make sure this isn’t letting you down.

Not Mobile Responsive

The year is 2020 and many of us have our smartphones permanently attached to our hands. This is why your website must be optimised for mobile! Many users will reach for their mobile to conduct a quick Google search, if they land on your website only to discover they can’t use it properly on their phone, they’ll exit and move on to the next option.

Not Enough or Outdated Content

A user will likely end up on your website because they’re searching for a particular product, service or the answer to a question. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they will leave. Ensure your website is up to date with all the information a potential customer needs.

Still Using Dead Technologies

By continuing to use aging plugins, you can potentially damage the overall functionality of your website. Not to mention, it can also pose a security risk. Newer versions of plugins get released over time and these updated versions are often more secure. This means that a website still running outdated technologies and plugins can potentially cause some big issues down the track.

Time for a website refresh?

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