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Why Perception of Value is so important

With the technology take-over and 24/7 information service that consumers are now exposed to, getting your product noticed is
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What is Social Proof and why do I need it?

Imagine you are walking past two cafés wanting to buy a cup of coffee. One café looks really nice but has no customers. T
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How to engage your customers - outside of social media

Known for it's sun, sand and surf, the city of the Gold Coast is buzzing for more reasons than one. It's difficult to find a
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Why research is essential to your business

There's a saying from the very clever Albert Einstein "If you stop learning you start dying." This saying could not be more t
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Building and Designing your business

Home renovation and design has never been more popular with magazines, blogs and reality tv show galore flooding our senses.
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How killing a lion can kill your business

There's not many people in the western world who wouldn't be familiar with the tragic fate of a famed lion named Cecil.  Cec
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The Changing Face of Retail Customers

A recent study by Delloite revealed the interesting - but unsurprising fact - that over 60% of customers check out the mercha
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How can your marketing get lucky?

In tribute to St Patrick's Day we thought we would take a look at some very simple tricks of the trade that can help you get
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The wonderful world of marketing acronyms

Have you ever attended a networking event, sat through a conference or just began a conversation with a colleague and found y
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Be careful what you promise

Earlier this month an intriguing precedent was set for slogans used for companies. The global entity that is Red Bull saw its
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Getting Behind Your Local Business

As a business owner it makes sense to go after the big contracts and projects. As a business owner it is also easy to get car
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Getting Offensive to Get Noticed

It can be difficult to get your brand noticed in a market that is undoubtedly saturated with simular products and services an
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Don't Miss a Golden Marketing Opportunity

Anyone who knows anyone on the Gold Coast and follows them on social media, would've have undoubtedly seen a common theme occ

Phone Manners Matter

"Yup." Believe it or not, this is how some business owners will answer their mobile phone. As you can appreciate, this is not
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The 'E'Customer is Always Right

Let’s face it, we have all been a part of customer service, either on the consumer side or the service side. Another thing