Day for Daniel
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Why your Business Needs to Give Back

Irrespective of the size of your business, there is an infinite way in which you as a business can give back to the community
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What is Social Proof and why do I need it?

Imagine you are walking past two cafés wanting to buy a cup of coffee. One café looks really nice but has no customers. T
new years
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New Years Resolutions for your business

So 2016 is here. Now. We're in it. Therefore the excuse of 'we'll do that next year' is officially null and void. Sorry but t
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The best PR campaigns will often come from consumers

'Bring Back Allens Jelly Tots" was the message coming from fans of the Allen's lolly which was removed from the production li
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How can your marketing get lucky?

In tribute to St Patrick's Day we thought we would take a look at some very simple tricks of the trade that can help you get
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Your website needs a Facebook page

The definition of Yin and Yang thanks to our friends at Wikipedia reads as: "Yin and yang can be thought of as complementary
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Where the Bloody Hell are you Barack?

There is not much more you could ask for than global recognition for your brand through the direct endorsement from the Pre
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Making a Message to Remember

Since July 2014, the historic Tower of London has seen a gradual transformation through the colour red. Armistice Day marked
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Staying true to your clientele

There are a few demographics that you just don't mess with, one of them being parents of young children. If you get this grou
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Be careful what you promise

Earlier this month an intriguing precedent was set for slogans used for companies. The global entity that is Red Bull saw its
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Getting Behind Your Local Business

As a business owner it makes sense to go after the big contracts and projects. As a business owner it is also easy to get car
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Getting Offensive to Get Noticed

It can be difficult to get your brand noticed in a market that is undoubtedly saturated with simular products and services an
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Don't Miss a Golden Marketing Opportunity

Anyone who knows anyone on the Gold Coast and follows them on social media, would've have undoubtedly seen a common theme occ
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State Vs State

Tonight we see the first of the Queensland versus New South Wales State of Origin games for 2014 and it got us thinking in th
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The 'E'Customer is Always Right

Let’s face it, we have all been a part of customer service, either on the consumer side or the service side. Another thing