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Don’t Miss a Golden Marketing Opportunity

Anyone who knows anyone on the Gold Coast and follows them on social media, would’ve have undoubtedly seen a common theme occurring throughout posts and hashtags last Sunday.  On July 19th the new tram system, G-Link was officially opened to the public with celebrations galore and free rides all day for residents.

The sun was shining, people were smiling and all of the controversies that have somewhat clouded the construction and acceptance of the new service were quickly forgotten. The atmosphere from Southport to Broadbeach was buzzing. There was news reporters, entertainers, happy retailers and ten of thousands of Gold Coast residents out in force.

Amongst all the fanfare and well deserved celebration, there did appear to be one thing lacking . . . social media updates. Browsing through the G-Links Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even the website itself, it appeared there had been somewhat of a missed opportunity with the main updates of the opening day being posted solely on Twitter.

With the enormous amount of residents and retailers on site and the new service being unquestionably embraced by the community and media alike, this was a golden opportunity to involve and engage with commuters and the Gold Coast as a whole, through social media.

Events that promote community involvement need to be used to their full advantage. If your business is contemplating on embarking on a new campaign, big event or even a new image, don’t waste the opportunity that exists to evoke involvement and interaction with your business through social media and your website.

A few tips to ensure you don’t miss a golden opportunity in social media:

Build up the event and anticipation through your platforms

A simple ‘3 Days To Go . . . ‘ on social media will get people wondering and also act as a reminder for those of your clients and followers that are aware of the event/campaign. It can also act as a good invitation for interaction with your followers with curiosity getting the better of them you may find comments such as ‘What’s happening in 3 days?’

Involve your followers in the event/campaign

Involve your followers in the excitement of the day and make them feel a part of it. Post ‘behind the scene’ style photos of the event, campaign, people working in your office, etc. Make it your job to keep everyone in the loop of the campaign or event so they feel a connection to the event and ultimately to your brand.

Encourage Interaction  

‘Today we have just launched our App! Send us a pic of you or your friend using the App for a chance to win a free movie voucher.’ People love free stuff as much as they love seeing approved photos of themselves posted on the internet.  Encourage people to send in their experiences and photos pertaining to your business. This is especially relevant if your business is a venue. If you are a restaurant who has just hosted a corporate lunch for 100 people, get them on your social media and get them talking about your restaurant before they walk out the door. Encouraging people to ‘Check In’ to your business is also a great way to involve your followers.

Use Every Opportunity

Opportunities don’t have to be as big and brassy as opening up a major transport system on the Gold Coast. Look at every development and change in your business as an opportunity. Simply having your vehicle sign-written with your company logo, or a new look website  is a very worthy update on all of your social media platforms and website.

Well used opportunities shared with your followers are of benefit because they will inadvertently:

a) Imply growth in your business

b) Involve your followers on the progress of your business

c) Reinforce your brand

d) Give your existing and potential clients a feeling of connection that you are sharing information with them

e) Put a ‘face’ to the name

f) Feed people’s love of looking at photos

Don’t Forget Your Website!!

This is an offence carried out by a lot of businesses. Update your social media pages until the cows come home but Do Not Neglect Your Website! Your website will compliment and reinforce your social media messages and Google loves it.  If people can’t remember the name of your business and they saw you at an Expo with a hundred different other businesses, they are going to jump on Google and plug in how they remember you. If you were giving away free coffee cups at the Expo, get a blog or article up on your website that relays “Free Coffee Cups at the Health & Fitness Expo in Brisbane.”  These opportunities/events/campaigns are perfect and extremely relevant content for SEO on your website.

If you need assistance or guidance in marketing an upcoming campaign or just general help with your social media updates, give us a call today! We have SEO, Social Media and Marketing Maintenance packages available and can tailor one to suit your needs.