new years

So 2016 is here. Now. We’re in it. Therefore the excuse of ‘we’ll do that next year’ is officially null and void. Sorry but that means you need to find that 2016 checklist buried underneath all of those corporate Christmas cards and empty boxes of chocolates.

You know the checklist we’re talking about right?

The New Years Resolutions for your BUSINESS.


You haven’t done one for your business?

Well this is awkward.

Okay, no need to panic. We have come up with fail-safe New Years Resolutions Hit List to help kick-start your business for 2016. Here it goes.

  1. Get Organised: Before all of the fun stuff, you need to be organised. This means all of your accounts are up-to-date, all of your emails from the holiday period are answered and any jobs that were lingering from last year are finished and closed. And just as importantly, clean your office space and get rid of any unnecessary clutter. There’s no point getting carried away with grand plans for your business if you can’t even find your pen.
  2. Get Realistic: In the lead up to business’s world domination, ensure you are aware of your finances, resources and capabilities. You may have a great idea for a Facebook campaign but if don’t have the staff to fulfill the promotion it’s going to leave a sour taste to all of your social media followers. If you are wanting to expand into a new market, do your research and fully understand if your ideas are viable for you and your business to sustain. Also consider the time involved – we all know that is difficult to come by these days.
  3. Get Specific: When you sit down and write your New Years Resolutions for your BUSINESS, be specific with how you intend to implement it. Writing down ‘create an amazing viral campaign that will go global’ is not going to help you. Carefully think about what you want to achieve with your business and how you can realistically achieve it. Consider all the costs involved for your ideas such as out-sourcing, advertising, video production, website updates, etc.
  4. Get Creative: Try and think outside the box with everything from your marketing to your in-house systems. What isn’t working and why? Is there something else you could try instead? What’s working for your competitors and how can you do it better? If you’ve got staff, sit down and have a Pow-Wow session where everyone can throw some ideas around and contribute to the business moving forward.
  5. Get Motivated! Whether you’re a business owner, or part of a team, your life will be a whole lot more enjoyable if you’re excited about going to work.  Get excited about the potential of your business and really embrace the amount of opportunities available. Make 2016 a year to remember for the right reasons.

Need help? Give us a call! Happy 2016!

2016 new years day resolution is to CHANGE