It’s no secret that Google loves content which is why there is now such a strong emphasis on websites having a quality and regularly updated blog on their site. Blogs are a great way to engage your audience, build your brand but also to help your website get found amongst it’s hundreds/thousands of online competitors.  If a blog has relevant and updated content, then the rewards will start to flow from all directions.

However, some people can get caught up in how they should write their articles, how many keywords need to be in there, how many links etc etc  . . . .  Writing articles for your business blog can start to turn into a bit of a stressful situation.

So we have a few fool-proof and child-friendly tips to help get those words flowing and that blog turning into a bit of fun rather than a chore:

Write what you know: You know your business and (hopefully!) your product better than anyone else. You will find writing about what you already know is the best way to start getting your articles flowing. You may need to research a few facts here and there, but overall the words should be pretty easy to get down on paper – or screen.

Write down your ideas: The human brain works in weird and wonderful ways and sometimes the best ideas come from the most unusual places. If an idea for an article randomly pops into your head – even while writing another article – make an effort to write it down.  When your brain is motivated, you’ll be amazed with the ideas you come up with.

Get a schedule: Organisation is the key to success. Open up the good ol’ Excel spreadsheet and get a structured list and plan of attack mapped out with headings of articles, dates of articles, etc.  Try and slip a few campaigns in the mix and most importantly get some variety into your articles to ensure your followers don’t become bored.

Don’t OD on keywords: Blog articles are read by humans first and foremost and Google bots second.  Write an article that you would want to read and don’t saturate the content with the obvious goal of trying to get as many keywords as possible into the article. While keywords are necessary, they need to be incorporated organically into the content and not listed in bullet points – so to speak.

Proof your articles: It’s ideal if you can get a fresh pair of eyes to read over your work.  Proofing your articles is important when it comes to spelling, grammar and content. When you know your product/service really well, sometimes you can write from a place of assumption that everyone knows exactly what you’re talking about. Try and re-read your work from the point-of-view that your reader does not work in your business and is not an expert in your field – unless that is your target audience!

Enjoy writing about your business: Set up a nice spot where you will enjoy sitting down with your laptop and writing your articles. Get your favourite tunes on, fill your coffee cup up and make it something you look forward to doing and not dreading.  If you enjoy writing your articles, it will reflect through to your readers.


If you’re wanting a bit of help getting the wheels in motion with you blog articles and copywriting, drop us a line.