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Where the Bloody Hell are you Barack?

There is not much more you could ask for than global recognition for your brand through the direct endorsement from the President of the United States of America. And that’s exactly what Tourism Queensland has just received!

The eyes of the world were on Brisbane as the leaders of the worlds 20 most influential countries met to discuss several global issues. Apart from these important global issues and expected protest groups there were a few little surprises happening this year on the sidelines that caught the media’s (and social media’s) attention. There was of course the anticipation of  Vladimir Putin’s reaction to the vocal opposition of the current Ukaine situation (and our own Prime Ministers threat of a shirt-front). However there was also a lighter side to the 2014 G20 Summit thanks to our old pal, Mr Barack Obama.

Mr Obama stole the show from the moment he set foot on the tarmac. From there he continued on to the University of Queensland where he  did not disappoint the 1200 invited guestsBarack Obama UQ or the thousands of viewers watching the live broadcast of his ‘Brisbane Speech’. The charisma that has won the President respect around the world was in full swing when he recited a bucket load of Queensland references and slang. The seated audience cheered as he referred to BrisVegas, drinking XXXX and relaxing on the beach. And then, he pulled out the big guns which made Queensland Tourism jump for joy . . . he directly referred to their famous slogan with his take on “Beautiful one day and then perfect the next.” Done. Barack has just promoted Queensland as perfect, thank you very much.

The specific Queensland reference and our Queensland pride was reinforced further with his recommendation to the Australian Government to take global warming seriously and look after one of our greatest assets, the Great Barrier Reef. This is PR that money simply could not buy. These comments are coming from one of the most known political figures in the world, not a celebrity that has been paid to endorse.

The success of this free publicity now rests on the shoulders of the official governing body, Tourism and Events Queensland. The ‘Brisbane Speech’ has put Queensland in the spotlight and it’s up to their marketing and PR gurus to quickly put a strategy into place to keep the momentum going. Without any positive reaction and continuing social engagement, Mr Obama’s complimentary representation of the Sunshine State, will be only that, compliments.

So as we farewell the 20 world leaders and as they settle back into their own countries, Tourism and Events Queensland will be waiting with baited breath to recoup and revel in their unexpected and unprecedented global PR Campaign. Irrespective of the outcome, everyone will most certainly agree it’s a heck of a lot better than the previous effort from Tourism Australia and their  ‘Where the bloody hell are you?’ campaign!

Barack Obama at the Brisbane Speech