Win a year of babysitting. This is the new and quite ingenious campaign released by retail chain Best and Less. When reading through the requirements of entering this competition, it is all very simple and simple is best.

This is why this campaign works so well:

  •  It is targeted directly to parents (their main demographic).
  • There is no voting or popularity involved.
  • Entry is simple. (Spend $25 or more Best and Less and complete the entry form on their website).
  • The campaign is encouraging interaction through the website and social media platforms.
  • There is not just one winner (there are runner-up prizes of gift vouchers).
  • The campaign is identifying with their target customers.
  • The campaign is complimented with another sub-campaign through social media (uploading a photo with their # to win a $50 voucher).
  • The social media campaign is being constantly monitored and updated.
  • The campaign on a whole is inclusive, not exclusive.

Overall this campaign is ticking all the boxes and how to engage new and existing customers and encouraging lots of ‘sharing’ through online platforms.

So what’s in this for Best and Less? Where do we begin?

  • Positive PR
  • Relating to their customers on a personal and fun level. This creates a stronger relationship to the brand and encourages loyalty.
  • Encouraging social media engagement
  • Building brand awareness
  • Receiving accurate information on who their clientèle is (how much they are spending, how many kids, age, area they live, etc)
  • Enabling them to build up their email database for future advertising and campaigns
  • Increasing their SEO

If you are thinking of creating a campaign specifically to grow your database, take a leaf out of Best & Less’s book. Here’s a few tips we can take from this campaign:

  • Make it easy for your customers to enter and not obvious that you are solely after their email address details for future marketing.
  • Tailor your campaign to work with your customers. Do not throw them out of their comfort zone with difficult or irrelevant tasks as they will not participate in the campaign.
  • Ensure the campaign is monitored and constantly updated. This will encourage more interaction if people believe they are being acknowledged.
  • Make it appear as more of a campaign rather than a competition. People don’t like to feel they have ‘lost.’
  • Have a strategy in place for your first follow up contact with all of the entrants after the campaign has finished. A smaller and less extravagant campaign is a good idea as you are softly easing them into receiving emails from your business without them being pushed into an instant hard sell.

Campaigns and competitions are a fun way to engage your customers, encourage new customers, increase your brand awareness and building up a database of relevant information.  If your business is looking at starting up a campaign and you need some help, give us a call or even just pop into our office at the Runaway Bay Marina . . .  you may even win a free coffee!

Best and Less