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Instagram – So much more than just selfies!

selfie-napoleon-dynamiteWhat is Instagram and how it can be big business for your business ?

Instagram – as defined by ‘Instagram’ – is a “fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family.” In layman’s terms, it’s a photo and video sharing service i.e lots of eye candy!

The appeal and popularity of Instagram (apart from the constant visual stimuli) is because it’s so easy to use and so readily accessible. Simply download the free App on your phone, fill in a few details and the world of Instagram is there for the (photo) taking.

Instagram has certainly evolved from it’s initial sharing with friends and family, every day more and more business’s are creating their own Instagram account and getting their brand out to the masses.  The advantage with Instagram is that as well as having options to use different filters and effects to make your already amazing photo even more amazing, it works hand-in-hand with other social networking services.  Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr all ‘liaise’ with Instagram allowing the App to share your Instagram photo onto your other social networking accounts.

Because of this relationship, the potential scope for branding and exposure to your customers and clients has just gotten a whole lot bigger!  A majority of social network users aren’t using their accounts to be pounced on with a hard sell. They are there to interact and be inspired by ideas, thoughts and the going’s-on of others.  Instagram being so visual, is a particularly good tool to ‘soft sell’ your brand and new products to the masses.

Imagine how much more receptive your followers are going to be when they see a picture of your new product in a casual and carefree light on Instagram? You’re not trying to shove it in their face, your gently showing them in a fun way the potential of your new product. If they ‘like’ it or comment on your photo, all of their followers will then see it.  If you then share your spontaneous and carefree Instagram photo through Facebook and Twitter, you’ve then opened up another new viewing platform.

What it boils down to is people love pictures, not only for their visual stimulation but in this time-poor world, if people can get the idea of what you’re trying to portray with a quick glance of your Instagram photo rather than having to read all about it, you’ll have them hook, ,line and sinker.

Here’s a few brands that use Instagram well and encourage participation from their # followers:





And thought we’d throw this one in, just because it’s funny.