Just when you thought you had upgraded to the latest and greatest technology available in smartphones either through Samsung or Apple, Amazon has roared into the market with the launch of their new Fire smartphone.

Launched at an event in Seattle who’s time slot was competing with the hangovers of State of Origin and the Socceroos playing in the World Cup, Amazon’s CEO unleashed their weapon of mass-consumption . . . to the American market. Yes, before you get too excited of these new and amazing features that are listed, be warned, this phone will only be available in the US on the AT&T network.

Never-the-less, lets have a sneak peak on what this puppy can offer shall we?

  •  Has a 4.7 inch screen
  • Gorilla Glass on back and front of phone
  • Ability to show 3D images by extra depth to the screen
  • Offers unlimited photo storage on an Amazon cloud
  • 13Mega pixel camera
  • Ability to access the exclusive ‘Firefly’ product through a physical button that allows you to scan any product you see for you to check if you can purchase it through Amazon.
  • Inclusive of Whispersync that allows users to change between an audiobook and ebook.

Fingers crossed this toy makes it across to this hemisphere sooner rather than later. We’ll also be interested to see how Samsung and Apple respond to this new kid on the block.