It’s reassuring to know that even Google can have a bit of a giggle every now and then. Recently a new location Google Maps Marker was updated by an avid Lord of the Rings fan giving us the address and directions to the fictional fortress, Barad-Dur. In case you are wondering the black stoned tower is conveniently located in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD.

Google Map Marker for Lord Of the rings

When the new entry was stumbled upon and queried, Google published their press release in Evlish but kindly translated their statement into English for those of us who aren’t fluent in the dialect of elves. “We encourage users to contribute their local knowledge and updates using Google Map Maker, even the whims of Sauron will not compromise our quest to provide useful and accurate maps.”

Although the marker has not been officially instated onto Google Maps as a verified location it is interesting to note that the actual address of 1 William street Brisbane, is currently a construction site for the new government tower for the Premier of Queensland which leads us to wonder if a bit of tongue-in-cheek is at hand with Barad-Dur being the ‘primary nexus of evil in Middle Earth.’

Googles Map to Middle Earth