Wahoo! You’ve typed your details in, completed all of your content research on how to word your AdWord, plugged your business, divulged your credit card information now it’s time to sit back and reap the rewards your AdWords will bring in. It’s Google, so it has to work, right?

Wrong. The implementing of AdWords is one thing, understanding how they work (or don’t work) is an entirely different beast of it’s own.

You  – or your marketing team –  must be prepared to put some research in and learn from the information that is generated through your AdWords appearance.

We could write a novel on the information that’s available on AdWord campaigns so we’ll be kind and give you some of the stock standard basics that will help you get a big of a grasp of the whole AdWords situation.

Show Me The Money!
Do not expect your website to crash from a sudden influx of eager customers all wanting to buy products from your website when you have launched your AdWords. There may be one or two sales that DO come through, but do not despair. Your Adwords are still effectively working and getting your brand out there.

Your AdWords may not immediately transform into direct sales but gaining information on your potential market ( the ‘clickers’) is just as valuable.  With the analytics you receive, and yes, please take the time to read them, you will be the lucky recipient of useful of information. Who clicked through and looked at your site, what time of day was most popular, what is your potential market searching Google for, the list goes on.

All of this information is yours to use as you please. Years ago companies had to pay big bucks for this information. They had to organize market researchers, surveys (with complimentary pens!), telemarketers, analysts and a lovely lady to bind the huge wad of information they collated into a big report for you to use as a doorstop once you read it.

Information is now condensed and presented to us normal folk in an easy-to-read format. Take the time to read it and the information given will be just as an important to your business as a cash transaction. This statistics and analytics provided will ensure your business is focusing it’s energy and resources on the right market and getting to the right people, who will in time, become your customers.

Never Mix Your Drinks – or your AdWords Campaigns

Both of these will give you a nasty headache and not really achieve anything you were hoping for.

There are two types of traffic that direct visitors to Google AdWords; Content Network Traffic and Google Traffic. These two flows of internet browsers are coming from completely opposite ends of the information highway.

Your Content Network Traffic are people who are already in the ‘zone’ of where they want to be. They are reading blogs on the topic that is relating to your business, they are on a website that runs sponsored links.  They haven’t directly instigated to search for your business and therefore are in a different frame of mind.

The Google traffic is coming from the internet browsers that are specifically looking for something and are probably in a more open frame of mind to buy something.

With different mindsets, you need to have different campaigns and calls to action. To start your AdWords campaign, we would probably suggest to begin with just the Google Search to gauge what traffic is coming through. You can do this by going into your campaign settings and making sure only ‘Google Search’ is checked.

Patience is a virtue.

You have decided to run two campaigns at the same time to increase the opportunities to get more traffic to your website.  You’ve flicked some of the wording around for the different searches but which campaign is working the best and which one should you continue on with?

Before you pull the pin on the ‘worst’ performing ad, you need to realize that each ad must have enough time to run so when the results do come in, you can be confident on the outcome.

Google have a lot of on-line tools and reports available that can determine whether you have enough campaign history to seal the fate if one Ad really is outperforming the other.

Shared Marketing have a great team with a wealth of experience in constructing successful AdWord campaigns and reporting the results in an easy to read format. Contact Us now to set up your AdWords campaign.