Technology has changed the face of how we live life and also how we market our business.

You need to know what your customers are using and how they are most likely going to be communicating with you. Once you have this information, you need to tailor your marketing strategy around your customers, not the other way around.  Your business must keep up!

To give you an idea, figures released from Smart Company show that in 2013 ONE BILLION smartphones were sold, coming in at a not-close-second was 227.3 million tablets followed by 158 million television sets, 180.9 million portable PCs and then last but not least 134.4 million desktop PCs.

Consumers are spending big on technology all of which has one thing in common, the internet. People have to have access to the internet, this is where a lot of their life takes place; internet banking, Google searches, online shopping, communicating with friends, looking for a new home, checking work emails and maybe even looking up your business.

If you think that your business isn’t big enough or ‘doesn’t need’ a website, there are 1 billion people out there browsing on their smartphones who will beg to differ.



Your business needs to have an internet presence. Even if your website is on a smaller scale, as long as it looks professional, people will contact you because you are online and it’s easy to do so.

The money you spend on getting a professional (and working!) website active and on-line will come back to you in the form of enquiries and potentially even customers. Just ensure your website is finished.

The best way to deter people is by allowing them to click on a link and having ‘Page Not Found’ or even ‘Under construction’ can sometimes lose traffic.  Understandably, sometimes you do need your website to undergo maintenance,  but don’t allow that ‘under construction’ page to linger for more than a few days.

People want to approach business’s which are keeping active in their field and the best way to portray that is to appear active online.

You may update your website a few times a week, or maybe a few times a year. The choice is yours and how much you want your website to work for you, for SEO and to keep up with your customers.

As long as there is somewhere on the World Wide Web for the ‘Joneses’ to go and find your business, they will keep coming back.

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