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Ring! Ring! It’s Google Calling.

The mega-power of Google just keeps getting bigger.  In another effort to outshine it’s Search Engine competitors, Google has just unleashed a service that will give business owners and their website developers yet another tool to track where their enquiries are coming from.

Google Adwords has set up the free ‘Conversion Tracking’ which is allows business owners to receive specific information on which keywords led visitors to your website, instigated online purchases, prompted mobile App downloads and even tracks calls that were made directly through your Adword advertisement.

The facility to track calls made through your Adwords campaign is available in Australia, UK, France, Germany, USA and Spain. The process involves replacing your business phone number with a Google call forwarding number for visitors who have clicked on your ad or website. The Google forwarding phone number itself will alter, but the reporting side of tracking the number will still be accurate.

If you need assistance in setting up a Google Adwords campaign or interested in what’s involved in setting up the Call Tracking feature, give us a call.