Back in the heyday of the 199o’s when websites were first introduced as an extra marketing tool for business, the requirement was very simple: Upload it and the Leave it. The only time anyone would go near to their website to update their content was if their phone number had changed.

Times have most definately changed and if your website mentality is still stuck in the ‘Upload it and Leave it’ mindset, then you simply have to expect limited search engine results. While it can be said that simply having a website is a good acknowledgement that you must have a prescence on the internet, the potential for your website performing well depends on how much effort and updates it receives.

A few reasons why it’s good to keep your website fresh:

Search Engines Will LOVE You!

The closest thing to a pat-on-the-back you will receive from Search Engine giants such as Google, is prime position with your page ranking on the search page. If a website hasn’t been touched or new content added for 6-12 months, the Search Engines will have no interest in your website. Search Engines also want to keep their users happy so they will not direct them to a dormant website with information that is possibly out-of-date.

Keep Your Clients Coming Back 

Blogs or ‘News’ pages are the best way to keep your content fresh, the Search Engines happy and more importantly, reassure your existing and potential clients that you are active in your industry and are happy to offer them ‘free’ advice.  It’s not only the content on your website you need to think about, have a play around with your images,colours and special offer banners.

Find Out What People Are Looking At

Google Analytics in particular is a fantastic tool that gives you insider information on how people found you and what made them ‘click.’ If you just recently updated your on-line fashion store with ‘New Designer Scarves Available Now’ and suddenly your page hits soar through the roof, it will give you a good indication that that particular product is very popular.

Your business website can work for you in so many ways outside of the marketing and sales realms. If administered properly a website can be a valuable branding platform and market research tool . . . . as long as the content is fresh!

Is your website a bit dusty and dated? Give us a call and we can work with you to get it sparkling and shiny!