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Shopping Under the Influence

There can be no argument when it comes to human behaviour, the more alcohol that is consumed the less worried we become about spending our money. “I’ll get the next round.” “Tequila shots on me!”

This pattern of behaviour is not something new to retailers, but the way in which they are capturing it is certainly getting more advanced. When brides-to-be are trying on wedding gowns at exclusive boutiques, champagne is the first thing that is presented to the shopping entourage with the actual wedding gowns coming a close second. US department store chains such as SAKS and Nordstrom have even applied for liquor licenses in order to incorporate bars in their stores. And we can’t forget the traditional at-home Tupperware and Make-Up parties where the hostess fills her guests up with champagne to loosen their purse strings.

shopping under the influence

However, gone are the days where you physically have to be in a store to hand retailers your hard earned cash. The world of consumables is just a finger tip away as you’re sipping away at that Chardonnay. Even the Liquor Stores of Australia have jumped online to ensure that the wine cellar will never go dry. As you’re pouring that last glass of your favourite red, simply jump online and order another bottle, or case, whichever you prefer.

Vintage Cellars is top of the ladder with online sales with 11% of Australian online alcohol sales churning through their website with 1st Choice Liquor taking second point with 7.2% of sales*.

When comparing the top two websites of Vintage Cellars and 1st Choice there’s not really much difference when it comes to content, stock and functionality. Some of the key points that set them apart from the other liquor retailers are:

Layout: they website is simple and easy to navigate. All of the options are right in front of you, no need to scroll down.

Lots of Images: Writing is kept to a minimum with the key points in clear font.

It’s easy to spend money: There are ‘Add To Cart’ buttons littered all of over the homepage. There is no excuse not to shop. The actual process of purchasing is kept very simple especially if you have already created an account through the website previously.

It’s easy to spend even more money: The opportunity for add on purchases is never far away from your mouse cursor. Suggestions for other items that are simular and may also tickle your fancy. There are the specials everywhere you look with discounts for bulk purchases.

It’s makes you want to come back: Once you have a taste for online shopping with the bonus of delivery straight to your doorstep, it is very difficult to return to the old fashioned method of jumping in your car and driving down to the bottle shop. Vintage Cellars even has a Rewards Program to ensure you keep coming back. Vintage Cellars and 1st Choice have ensured that every stage of your purchase is easy and pleasant experience. 1st Choice Liquor have a feature on their website that you can chat online with a specialist. This is a great feature as it personalises the experience, especially if you’ve already had a few beverages and are wanting to stay up for a chat!

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