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Why you have to get your Google AdWords right!

As we’ve previously discussed, there’s a lot more to setting up an AdWords campaign than meets the eye! Google is a tricky beast to understand at the best of times and Google Adwords is no exception.

When setting up an AdWords campaign there are things you must consider:

How much are you wanting to spend? Your AdWords budget is important as it will give you an understanding on how much ‘bang for your buck’ you’re getting.

What are you wanting to achieve from your campaign? In order for your AdWords campaign to have a chance of success you need to be specific in your campaign goals. Are you wanting to build your brand, promote a new product or move sales stock?

Who is going to implement your campaign? When setting up your campaign you need to consider a lot of different aspects such as your target market, what searches you want your AdWords to be affiliated with etc.

Who is going to monitor your campaign? You need to know how your campaign is performing.  Are people clicking through? Is your intended market seeing the AdWords? Are the AdWords displaying with the correct searches.  There is no point paying for a campaign if you have no idea how many people you reached.

Choose your words carefully! Another important element you must consider is you must be careful in what you are promising in your AdWords campaign. Recently a large Australian superannuation company copped a $20,400 fine for getting a bit too creative with their statements appearing in search results. However, it wasn’t Google that gave BT Super a slap on the wrist, the complainant was in fact the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

The words which resulted in BT Super ending up in hot water were as follows:

“BT Super Has Outperformed Industry Super Funds Over The Last 5 Years” as stated in search results between July and September last year.

“Industry Super Australia” due to it’s implication of being part of the organisation of the same name.

The catch is that these two statements were part of a broader campaign which only received around 30 clicks but since these particular phrases or keywords stood out in search results, it got the attention of big brother – ASIC.

This particular case proves how important it is to choose the correct words for your business and campaign.  Whether it be in a Google AdWords campaign, a description on your website or a sentence in a blog article, the words need to be true as they could all appear in search results.  It can get a bit tricky when you are wanting to push a product or service and use lots of influential marketing words to describe how wonderful it is.  Key words are imperative in getting better rankings – but only if they are truthfully representing the result.

If you are contemplating diving into the world of Google AdWords and would like some help on how to set one up, give us a call