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Google now showing Favicons in search results

| 22 January 2020

Google Showing Icons in Search

Have you noticed the newest tweak Google has made to its desktop search?

As shown in the screenshot below, there are now little brand logos appearing next to the website address in desktop Google searches.

According to Google, the additional icons aim to make it clearer for users to identify where the link will lead. The change may also help with branding, as Google provides the option to choose your preferred icon to display.

Some users wtook to Twitter to share their thoughts, expressing that the icons made the search results appear “cluttered” and “messy.”

The change was already rolled out for mobile searches last year, but there isn’t any confirmation yet on whether the icons actually help users decide on what site to visit.

Another slight change that’s recently been made by Google is the “Ad” label is now showing in bold black text instead of its old green font.

Is this an honest approach by Google to assist users to identify brands? Or a step towards making the ADs blend into the overall results, therefore improving the click-through rate of paid ads? We will let you know…

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