Ever catch yourself reading an article or blog on-line and thinking to yourself  ‘This sounds really familiar?’ Chances are, it’s not your psychic powers playing a part, but that you have in fact read that exact piece of writing before, albeit, with a couple of words jigged around.

The world of content stealing and plagiarism has never been more populated than it is today with Google searches and ‘free information’ at the finger tips of every business owner and blogger. So what’s the big deal if you literally cut and paste an article from another website into your News feed to get more hits through your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

Well, unfortunately, aside from the possible lawsuit you could get from an extra cranky copywriter, it can actually work against your website being ranked by Google.

The best way to think about Google, is simply that Google knows everything. Google knows every keystroke, every search, every article, every website you’ve visited. If you think that Google wont notice two articles word-for-word, you’re wrong. In fact there is actually online software available that average Joe can insert a piece of writing into and be advised on where the original source of that writing is from.

Here’s a couple of quick tips to help you get that original content flowing:

People like information just as much as keywords

Internet searches are usually limited to a few keywords that we punch in like ‘home renovation Gold Coast’. However there is a growing number of users actually wanting specific information so we see a change in the type of searches change to ‘What are the most popular home renovation ideas on the Gold Coast?’.  This is where original content on your website and blog can thrive. Don’t just focus on sporadically incorporating your token key words through your articles. Give your readers a reason to come back to your website.

Spice it up!

Yes, you do need to ensure your relevant keywords are highlighted and emphasised, but also try and throw in a few other words to mix it up a bit. If you are using all the same keywords as your competitors, your website will have no edge on its page ranking. Try to think outside the box. Even ask friends what they would search for if they were looking for your business. Do your research and add in a few fun words. If you have a business that installs in ground pools, add a few keywords – and information – that will get peoples attention; ‘pools for summer’, ‘fun in the backyard pool’, ‘pool safety in your backyard’, the options are only limited to your imagination.

 Keep it original

Put simply, Copy and Paste, just doesn’t work and Google knows it.  Make sure all of your content, even on your brochures, is original and that will give your business the best chance of standing out.

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