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There were many SEO trends that came to the surface last year—we’ve decided to take a look back at a few of the biggest SEO trends to come out of 2019:

| 15 January 2020

Biggest SEO Trends from 2019

Voice Search:

It’s no surprise that voice search dominated SEO trends in 2019. Voice search SEO has become bigger than ever and it’s likely to keep growing in 2020 as computers are trained to understand speech further. Voice search SEO involves altering your website so that it’s also likely to be found when a user asks their mobile device by voice. No longer is the focus just on what the user will type into Google.

Some methods to improve your site’s voice search SEO includes:

  • Finding keywords that better reflect a voice search, including more natural and conversational sounding phrases.
  • Optimise your website for voice search and position zero on Google. Featured snippets on Google tend to make up a lot of results for voice search—so it’s a good idea to aim to achieve one of these snippets if you want to do well with voice search. Short and concise answers and bullet lists are often what Google favours for position zero snippets.
Google Home Mini in Charcoal next to Laptop and Cactus


Mobile-first Indexing:

Starting back in July, all new sites have now been indexed using Google’s new mobile-first indexing system. Existing sites have been notified by Search Console once they’re seen as being ready to migrate to this new indexing system.

This means that when Google crawls the web, instead of looking at the desktop version of a website, it will instead look for the mobile version first. Google is now crawling your website based on how it renders on a mobile device compared to a computer.

These days, more people are reaching for their mobile to Google what they’re looking for rather than sitting down at their desktop computer—so it only makes sense for Google to prioritise mobile-first indexing.


User Experience:

It might seem like a no-brainer to some, but the importance of creating a seamless user experience became more important than ever in 2019. If your site is easy to navigate, is quick to load and simply provides the user with the information they need—they’re more likely to stay on your site and Google will notice this.

Ensuring that your website is easy-to-understand and provides the user with a clear and intuitive design are easy methods to help improve the overall user experience.

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