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Australia’s Newest Domain Name Is Almost Here – .au

Australia’s Newest Domain Name
Is Almost Here – .au

Short and simple, the new .au domain name will now make it even easier for Australian customers to access your website. Easy to remember, secure and all-Australian, .au makes it simpler for users to get online without confusing eligibility requirements or annoying ABN checks.

| 1 November 2019

Australia’s Newest Domain Name Is Almost Here - .au

This domain is short and memorable, so it will be even easier for new and existing clients to find your site. Here at Shared Marketing, we can help make sure you’re registered to apply for your domain name—either to use or to reduce the chance of someone else registering it.

Why can’t I just have one domain name?

Many companies prefer to purchase multiple domain name types (or TLDs – Top Level Domains) because this is essentially their online identity or brand and the portal to their business. Competitors or even ad websites will sometimes purchase similar domain names with the core purpose of siphoning traffic meant for their domain.

This is one reason why it’s so important to consider multiple domain names or to at least have a matching pair, for example, “.com.au” and “.au”. In the grand scheme of things, domain names are very affordable—so it’s a small price to pay to remove the possibility of issues down the track.


Which domain names do I need?

Deciding on which domain names you need will depend on your particular business and your client demographic. If most of your business is Australian based, a .com.au domain will help search engines direct traffic to your site from Australian browsers.

If you intend to offer your products or services on a global scale, a .com presence is essential. Both .com and .com.au are very important and should be a minimum—it’s a good idea to consider using multiple other domains in addition to these. The domain not in use can be easily forwarded to your website.

The domain names you should purchase will all depend on your specific preferences, business needs and client base. Some other popular domains include:

  • .net & .net.au
  • .org & .org.au (special conditions apply when registering for these)
  • .info
  • .asn.au
  • .id.au
  • .biz

You might even find some more unique domain options that suit you like .sydney and .melbourne. To find out more just get in touch.

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