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Why we love eBooks

There’s not many people out there who haven’t subscribed to, or at least heard, of eBooks.  EBooks are paving the way when it comes to companies providing an all-inclusive information package to their clients either free of charge or part of a subscription.

Aside from being extremely environmentally friendly, there are many reasons people are signing up to receive eBooks in their Inbox rather than paper in their mailbox.

Why we love eBooks:

They are convenient: When you sign up to receive an eBook, it will be flicked over to your email address and accessible for reading any time of the day (or night).  As long as you have your phone, iPad or computer handy, you have access to your eBook to read at your own convenience.

They are a great way to add more information: Being electronic, eBooks are fantastic for being able to incorporate links for you to receive further information without having to put your book down and Google it.

They can be printed: Some people do actually prefer to flick through the pages of a book, make side notes and highlight interesting facts.  EBooks give the flexiblity of being viewed 100% online or printed out in the correct format – you can actually have best of both worlds!

So the consumers are happy with their easy-to-access information, but what are the benefits for your business by investing in producing an eBook?

They are easy to distribute: Gone are the days of lining up in the post office and having to manually organise and pay for postage of sending out 230 books to your subscribers. With a flick of a switch, your clients instantly receive the information they are after into their inbox – no paper, no postage, no fuss!

eBooks are instant: Anyone who owns a business appreciates the customers need to have their goods – NOW! Ebooks are the ultimate in instant gratification with your clients and subscribers receiving their requested publication instantly.  People don’t have time or want to wait for their goods and services any more and by providing the option for an eBook it gets things moving quickly while they still have interest in your services and haven’t taken their business elsewhere.

eBooks are great ways to promote your business: The best you can give people is information. Information will get your clients talking about you and keep them coming back if they feel they can benefit from learning more. EBooks are the ultimate in packaged information which has been designed for the clients viewing pleasure while educating them on the benefits of your business. eBooks also allow you to insert links which can lead them back to your website and other services.

eBooks are great for your brand: By providing information you are reconfirming to your clients that you know what you’re talking about and your qualified to give this advice (as long as the information is correct!).

If you are interested in what is involved with creating and designing an eBook relevant to your business and services, there are a few things you should look at such as creating content, design, format, imagery, links and even Apps to compliment your product.  If you are considering delving into the world of eBooks, contact our office today.

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