At Shared Marketing HQ, we love success stories and Gold Coast based company, the Waitplate System, is one of those stories.

Founded by Kelly Arbuckle BA (Psych)  through the research compiled with her husband, Dr John Arbuckle, the Waitplate System is going from strength to strength with a strong marketing strategy and engaging social media platform.

Some Background

The Waitplate System is designed to improve peoples quality of life through re-educating their eating habits and encouraging portion control with their meals. The Waitplate System was jointly founded by CEO Kelly Arbuckle and her husband, Doctor John Arbuckle when Kelly herself became discouraged by the complexity of the hundreds of different weightloss options in the market place. “Very few of the diets are unsustainable long term. Over the years I found myself observing the difference in actual eating habits and behaviours between lean and overweight people. After much research and contemplation, the Waitplate System began to evolve.”

The Innovation Process

The Waitplate System with it’s innovation and new approach, was well received amongst Government funded Innovation groups due to the refreshing angle of promoting ‘healthy living’ as opposed to pushing the weight-loss. The product (templates) went through several design and re-design processes. Manufacturers were changed and at last the Waitplate System was ready for full scale production and release into the marketplace. The process was also successfully protected under patent.

Waitplate Utensils

Building The Brand

This was not an overnight process and had to be started completely from scratch with the Shared Marketing consultants and designers. “The look we wanted was simple, clean and fresh.” Mrs Arbuckle worked closely with the design team to ensure the look of her brand was consistent to the image she wanted portrayed. Most importantly, there had to be consistency of a brand transcending through all aspects of the branding including packaging, business cards, brochures, and website design.

Marketing The Brand

And then the real fun began!  This next process was implemented through a very well thought out strategy. Before any advertising or social media could be touched, the website needed to be designed built and tested. This was an evolving process but a necessary one to ensure when it was launched, it was launched properly. The process that followed was done methodically which led to each aspect being executed properly and professionally. This goes to show that as tempting as it is to rush your business or product into the market place, you must ensure all of your marketing ducks are in a row.

The order of the marketing strategy was planned to compliment and increase the previous marketing and help build a strong consistent brand:

  • Website Build
  • Waitplate ladiesSoft launch of the Waitplate System website
  • Creation of Facebook  and Twitter page
  • Participated in the Health & Fitness Expo
  • Featured in Editorial for health magazine
  • Featured on Nine Gold Coast News
  • Commenced AdWords campaign
  • Began print advertisement campaign throughout different health publications
  • Increased Blog activity on website
  • Successful patent application
  • Launch of Watiplate on TVSN
  • Strategy developed for introduction into overseas markets

“The growth of Waitplate from a marketing perspective is impressive.” CEO of Shared Marketing, Craig Malloy has worked closely with Kelly and the team at Waitplate in creating a consistent brand through their on-line presence and advertising. “The campaigns whether they were AdWords, television or print, were all well organised and planned with a very clear message on what the Waitplate brand stood for. You need to have a strategic plan and not just jump into the deep end.”

With so many mediums of advertising and marketing available, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to get your fingers in all the pies at once without giving one particular channel enough attention or scope. “There was a lot of research in how Waitplate should carry out their advertising and spend their budget. Everything was done with purpose and with a very specific outcome in mind for each one of their spends. This made determining the success of each campaign a lot clearer.” Craig Malloy refers to the success of their Facebook page as a good benchmark. “Waitplate has portrayed their brand as a change in lifestyle which is a much more friendly approach to weight loss and because of this, people are connecting with the brand and even starting up their own online communities sharing their Waitplate journey. The recent launch of the product on the massively popular TVSN channel has just confirmed how much market appeal The Waitplate System has. This is the type of momentum that any business strives for.”

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Waitplate TVSN