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Santa bought a Jeep.

Step aside Rudolph, Santa has bought a Jeep! The marketing gurus behind the simple yet brilliant ‘I bought a Jeep’ campaign have put the Christmas spin on their most recent campaign using none other than jolly old St Nick himself.

This very effective advertisement is simplistic in it’s execution but very powerful in it’s message to consumers – Buy a Jeep for Christmas.  A lot can actually be learned from this particular Christmas campaign. When you are putting together your own Christmas campaign or marketing strategy for your business here’s some things to think about:

  • Incorporate your existing logo or slogan in the campaign.
  • Keep your Christmas campaign complimentary to how the business trades for the other 364 days of the year.
  • Be aware of your brand image and what your existing customers expect from you.
  • If you are having a big Christmas sale or discount, be mindful of your existing customers who may have paid full price for the services.

Even though the concept of a Christmas campaign is simple (Chrismisfy up your website, have a Christmas sale, etc), it is how you follow up and implement your post-Christmas strategy that will deem whether Christmas shoppers will spend money with your business after the tinsel has been taken down.

Another very important aspect of your Christmas campaign is the strategy for the post-Christmas campaign to keep up the momentum of the Christmas spending. A post-Christmas campaign whether it be an eNewsletter, social media update or competition is a chance to keep your business at the forefront of your customers mind.

If you would like to speak to one of our marketing consultants about implementing a Christmas campaign for your business or even update your existing website or social media page with Christmas incentives, give us a call today.

Santa bought a Jeep this Christmas