help my website is sick

There are many reasons why business owners need help with their website – and sometimes they’re not even aware their website is a bit under the weather.  Some of the more common causes that instigate some website intervention include:

  • Re-branding
  • Under new management
  • Mobile-friendly
  • SEO
  • Modernising website
  • Existing website not working correctly due to poor design or outdated software
  • eCommerce issues

While these reasons are glaringly obvious to most people, sometimes it’s pure complacency and neglect which causes a website to suffer poor health. A website which appears to be functioning properly, can still have underlying issues which only become apparent when visitor numbers to the website drops. Some examples of the ‘hidden illnesses’ a website can suffer include:

  • Incorrect contact information
  • No call to action
  • Content not being updated
  • No social media links
  • No SEO strategy
  • Not enough content for search engines
  • Poor quality images
  • Poor graphic design
  • Poor website design causing difficulty in navigating

So who do you call when your website is sick?

You need to speak to an established company who is experienced in all aspects of website design, graphic design, SEO, marketing, advertising, social media, eCommerce, branding and above all customer service.

Now, who could possibly do all of that AND shout you a free coffee at their waterfront office on the Gold Coast?

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