borobi commonwealth games mascot

Photo Source: Herald Sun

On the back of the launch of Borobi, the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games mascot we thought it only fitting to pay tribute some other iconic Australian brand mascots.

So here’s our top 5:

5. Street’s Ice-cream: The Paddle pop Lion – Since 1960, the Paddle Pop Lion has endorsed the many flavours of the Paddle Pop ice-creams and is still one of our all time favourites. Who wouldn’t love an ice-cream-eating-lion?

4. Nestle’: The Milky Bar Kid – “It’s the Milky Bar Kid!” In the generation where chocolate was still allowed to be advertised directly to children, this little blonde-haired-milky-bar-slinging-kid was a hit and made Milky Bars a household name.

3. Slip-Slop-Slap: Sid the Seagull – As awareness of skin cancer and sun damage grew, the target audience for the animated singing seagull named Sid was pretty much anyone who went out in the Australian sun. With a catchy jingle, Sid the Seagull helped launch a campaign with an important message which Australian’s could relate to.

2. Smith’s Chips: The Gobbledock – If you moved to Australia after 1992, the Gobbledock wouldn’t mean much to you. The Gobbledock was a furry little creature (think ALF crossed with a Gremlin crossed with an Ewok) that loved ‘Chippies’ and helped Smith’s chips fly off the supermarket shelves.

1. Mortein: Louie the Fly It may come as a surprise to know that succesful author, Bryce Courtney was the creator of ‘Louie the Fly’ when he began his career at an advertising firm. Louie’s career began in 1957 and is still by far THE most successful, recognised and iconic brand mascot in Australia.

Special Mention: A special mention must go to the ‘un-official’ 2000 Sydney Olympics Games, Fatso the wombat.

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