Vehicle Signage in the Fast Lane

Speaking from experience, vehicle signage – effective vehicle signage – does work.  Our Shared Marketing SEO started the business driving a Jeep covered from headlights to tail-lights in green air-brushed leaves. After a few concepts filtering through, it ended up sign written with Shared Marketing, giving it a timber beach wagon feel.

The car became a well known identity within the local area and we would often hear clients starting a meSM Vehicle signage JEEPeting with  “I saw you driving through Southport the other day.” This car paid it’s own way by getting the attention of both existing clients – one of which is still one of our biggest clients.

The Jeep was a great conversation starter, a great reinforcement that business is busy and a great reminder to our clients who would often see the Jeep cruising around. It really was it’s own personality because it was unique. Staff in the office would affectionately refer to it as the ‘beach car.’

Designing vehicle signage has become so much more than just whacking on a bumper sticker – it’s about branding. If you are thinking about having your business details added onto your vehicle, you firstly need to consider a few things:

  • Is the type of vehicle you’re driving complimentary to your business image?
  • Do you want a simple logo or wrap the entire vehicle?
  • Will you feel comfortable driving in the vehicle when it’s signed?

Here are a few pointers to get you started in achieving the ultimate in car signage for your business:

1. Measuring Up: Make sure you have all the exact measurements and dimensions of your car. What you have envisioned in your head may not work when you take into account the curves, door handles, windows etc.

2. A Proper Perspective: Next time you’re driving around, pay attention to how you are actually ‘seeing’ the other cars. When you see one that is sign-written or wrapped, take notice of what works, what got your attention and what information you can actually see on the vehicle.

3.  Don’t cram it up:  Your car is not a business card that needs every bit of information about your business. People do not have time to read when they are driving and sometimes will only actually see a flash of your vehicle as it drives past so you need to make an impact. Keep your business name bold and bright, your logo obvious and recognisable and at least one method of contact. A phone number or website is best.

4. Get Noticed: Commit to having your business details on your car and own it. Tiny cut out stickers on your bumper may as well not be there. Your sign-written car could be the first impression for your business. If you want people to take you seriously and give you a call, you need to reassure them that you are committed to your business and serious about doing the work.

5. Make it Professional: Ensure that the look of your company car is how you want your business to be perceived as. A party shop can get away with bright colours and balloons all of over their vehicle, an accountant can not. Your design needs to be relevant, professional and clear to read and you may want to remove that marijuana leaf car-freshener from rear-view mirror too.

If you need any advice or are looking at arranging vehicle signage or wrapping, give us a call.

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