Twitter gives us more tweet!


There’s a saying ‘Less is more’ but it appears that is not the case when it comes to social media and people wanting to get their message across. Created and launched in 2006, Twitter is a dominant forum when it comes to trends, brands, celebrity and general communication.

Twitter has stood by it’s 140 character limit making it’s 500 million users around the world have to get creative with abbreviations and ways to squash words into the restrictive space.

The 140 character limit stemmed from Twitter’s early days when the character limit complimented the 160-character-limited SMS’s. However, as people – particularly businesses – began to post links to websites, the characters were quickly gobbled up leaving an even shorter space to tweet a corresponding message. People wanted more.

Twitter has all but confirmed through several sources and hints that this 140 character limit will soon be relaxed, primarily so users can add links in without affecting their character count. This comes as people have begun posting images of texts to get their messages across which of course does not reflect in searches or content for Twitter users.

The update only allowing us more ‘tweets’ is expected within the next month, so get those #’s ready!

twitter tweet length