First impressions tend to last when it comes to people visiting your business webpage or reading your flyer from their mailbox. Your first impression is all about your design and layout.

There are so many graphic programs available upon the click of the download button and many business owners feel they can save a few dollars by doing their own design work. Some business’s can get away with it and actually do it quiet well but for many, all it results in is a bad image for their business and more grey hairs.

If you are looking at trying to design your website or brochure yourself here’s the best advise we can give you “ Keep it Simple.”  With all of the tools made accesible on the internet, it can be very easy to get carried away with all of the thousands of effects and styles to choose from. When you see a website with amazing effects, colours and formats, there’s a reason why it’s impressing you.

Graphic design is very tricky to master so don’t get too clever on yourself. Unless your business is Graphic design (so you really should be working for Shared Marketing!), you can’t be too hard on yourself if your own efforts are not what you envisaged.

If your design is done right in the first instance with high quality and attention to detail, you get to spend your valuable time on your own business and the services you do best, so unless you are confident, leave the graphic stuff to the professionals.

Shared Marketing have a qualified and experienced team of Graphic Artists so feel free to drop us a line any time.