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2016’s Top 5 Most Viral Campaigns

buster the boxer

When it comes to going viral with a message, it all comes down to how many people want to physically ‘share’ your message.  This is especially the case when it comes to advertising with companies investing millions of dollars every year attempting to create that ultimate viral campaign which will help launch their brand into the Sharing Stratosphere!

Video tech company Unruly has done the hard work and found those clever companies who have successfully reached and conquered the Sharing Stratosphere and topped the list as the most shared video campaigns of 2016.

And here are the top 5 online videos that we have watched again and again and then shared for our virtual world to see.

  1. #Buster the Boxer by John Lewis (United Kingdom)
  1. We Are The Superhumans by Channel 4 (United Kingdom)
  1. Best Day Of My Life by Shell Global
  1. Ramadan 2016 by Vodafone (Egypt)
  1. Upside Down and Inside Out by S7 Airlines with OK Go (Russia)

This list was created by ranking how many times viewers shared the actual ads and was not focused on one particular region.  The common denominator throughout these advertisements is undoubtedly the ‘warm and fuzzy’ factor proving yet again that people just want to be happy and  creating a feeling of optimism will make people want to be associated to your brand through the power of sharing.

If you are interested in looking at getting your brand out there to the masses, contact our office and we’ll get the viral wheels in motion.