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    Who is this package for?

    Website managers who want to take control of their website and marketing. Businesses who use marketing agencies and want to understand and direct their service providers.

    Our experienced marketers and developers will give you the tools and knowledge to take control of your online success. The fee includes updates to your website* and training to give you the knowledge to improve your websites’ performance and visibility within Search Engines like Google (SEO), learn how to create Digital Advertising Campaigns (Google Ads and Facebook & Instagram Ads), understand website updates & maintenance, access and create simple to understand automated reports your websites performance along with tools to track and improve your success.

    One off Fee of $4500


    Website Updates

    • Basic Website Audit, 10 hours of website updates to optimise your websites performance, ensure tracking integration is viable, provide design updates for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) and perform maintenance as well as provide you with a list of recommendations.
    • 6 x Blog or News posts^ – This will help bring people to your website and is also great for Search Engine Optimisation.

    Get your site Super-Charged & ready for new customers.

    4 x 2 Hour Live Sessions

    (Each session includes 20 minute Q&A)

    • Master your website. Technical and content skills including functionality**, content, maintenance, Conversion Rate Optimisation. Learn how to manage your website.
    • Master your Advertising. Create a plan and execute the creation and delivery of a simple advertising campaign. The How, When, Where, Why and To Who of Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.
    • Master your SEO. Find out how you can improve your chances of reaching AND engaging relevant potential customers to your website.
    • Understanding your outcomes and what to do with the information. Set up the tools you need to monitor and improve your websites success and learn how to use them and make decisions to improve your website and marketing outcomes.
    • Follow up consultation. Discuss challenges and outcomes of your marketing efforts.

    *Website updates will be capped at 10 hours and may exclude some types of development. The outcome may differ based on the the website functionality, platform (type, age or and access to the administration. ** Some limitations may be caused by uncommon or outdated website platforms, but most information will still be applicable. Please note classes may have 1 – 4 participants and arrangement is by scheduled booking. Can take place in person or via video conference.

    For more information and to apply see the QLD Government website.